Specialized Services

Ogon provides insurance technology consulting, software implementation and customer support services to clients that are either looking for core system replacement or want to streamline on-going support and maintenance activities.

Strategy & Consulting

Ogon Consulting will provide technical consulting services across all areas of your product implementation. Here are some of areas that our clients seek us out for. The technical consulting can be categorized as below:

  • Product Consulting - Technical and business solution consulting services for all aspects of the core policy administration platform including but not limited to integrations, billing, non-standard business needs, product workflow recommendations.
  • Customization - Consulting services to evaluate business requirements to determine if a customization is necessary, evaluation of customization impact on future upgrades along with maintenance overhead and solutioning of the customization request.
  • Data Conversion Strategy - Consulting services on data conversion strategy and data conversion best practices. Launching early 2022, Ogon's Data Conversion platform.
  • Testing Strategy - Consulting services to define the testing strategy during and post implementation of Insurance Now.
  • Product Roll out Strategy - Consulting services to recommend and help define product roll out strategy to reduce the risk and maximize the return on investment.

Technology Services

Ever worry about getting your forms right. We know that this area is often the most challenging. Ogon Consulting provides the end to end services to design and maintain the customer communication forms across multiple tools. Ogon Consulting team of experts have years of experience in this area to drive the technology, process and the business to provide this service most efficiently.

  • Ogon Consulting will provide output design, configuration and end to end testing services for outputs setup through Adobe Jetform and DocOrigin tools. Their team of output consultants will be able to guide the customer from gathering the requirements for various outputs across all the modules to designing and configuring them.
  • Ogon Consulting will also provide consulting services, from the perspective of integrating with the product platform, on any other customer communications management systems including but not limited to Smart Communications, OpenText Exstream.

Program Delivery

Whether you are in-flight on your enterprise transformation or looking to start a new project, a good project management plan can ensure that you are prepared to take on this major initiative. A good project management plan can help you track project risks, stay on top of your budget and ensure that the implementation is run effectively. Ogon Consulting provides a wide range of project management services that include:

  • Product Implementation Planning
  • Project Executive and Control
  • Project Management and Governance
  • Technical Project Management
  • Agile Project Management

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