Ogon consulting can provide production support services across all areas of your policy administration platform. The support services can be availed using below models:

Extended Team Model

This model will have a dedicated Ogon consultants at offshore working for the customer. This model will provide customer a much needed flexibility in terms of prioritizing their own work and get an immediate help and it also provide an advantage of around 24 by 7 support due to time difference between US and India timing.


Production Backlog Support


In this model customer will provide the list of production issues which needs to be worked, prioritized by the customer. This will be very focused delivery and helps the customer to quickly turn around the fixes to be moved to production thereby increasing end customer satisfaction.

Time Bound Support

In this model customer can opt for support for defined duration there by having an advantage to opt this model on demand basis and works best for scenarios like when there is any major change in the system or for any critical changes in the system where there is a high risk of business impact.